Mexican drought disrupts farming

By June 14, 2021

Mexico (MNN) — In 1979, the construction of a dam flooded an old Mexican church and buried it under a lake. Now, it has re-emerged above the water. The reason? An intense drought has choked parts of the country over the last two years.

Several major water reservoirs in Mexico stand at very low levels, especially in northern parts of the country. Brian Dennett of AMG International says changing weather patterns are to blame. “It’s not every place or every region, but there are many farmers that have lost their crops. There are areas that are rationing water, and people have really been affected. We’ve seen this in a few areas where AMG works where people are just short on cash and can’t get new crops planted because the old crops didn’t produce, so it’s kind of a cycle that’s very problematic.”

AMG has a mission to reach in Mexico people with the good news of Jesus. They run a variety of ministries, ranging from sports and youth programs to church leadership training. You can support this work by donating to AMG.

Dennett says, “Please be praying for farmers in particular that have lost their crops. When they lose what really has been an entire season of work, and are unable to profit from that, it’s very challenging.”



(Header photo courtesy of Elizabeth Sampson, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons)