Chad highlighted in Pioneers video

By January 9, 2012

USA (MNN) — Do you know what it's like to plant a church in a Muslim culture? Many Christians have no idea what that's like. So, Pioneers is giving you a look into that work.

Pioneers Matt Green says in October they release their first video called "Multiply Indonesia." Now, they're releasing "Multiply Chad."

"The whole purpose of this video series that we're putting out is to help people see what church planting looks like in the Muslim world and to see that God would use them to draw people into this work, whether it's through prayer, or going themselves, or for investing financially."

This video is focusing on the Tama people of Chad. Green says, "They're doing church planting there among a people group of about 200,000 people. There is no church and no known believers there."

Chad isn't known for its stability. "Chad is considered one of the most unstable countries in the world, second only to Somalia. There was a civil war several years ago. It's stabilized somewhat, but there is a large number of refugees," says Green.

Pioneers church planters have a huge task ahead of them. "These people are exclusively Muslim," says Green. "That is their identity. It's very closely tied to their ethnic identity. And the possibility of changing religious identity is very foreign to them."

These church planters have huge challenges ahead of them. Green says,"They speak three different languages. There's the heart language, the Tama. There is the official language, Arabic, brought there by Muslims years ago, and then there is the official business language, French."

Mssionaries therefore have to learn all three languages to cope in the region. In addition, they are providing introduction Bible studies to help introduce people to Christ. They've also started medical care, sanitation, and water projects to provide for the physical needs. They're praying God will use these things to open their hearts to Jesus.

Green is encouraging you to go to to see the two videos.

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