Chad peace talks ambiguous

By February 22, 2008

(MNN) — There is some question as to whether or not peace talks are actually
underway in Chad. This report comes in
the aftermath of an attempted coup d'etat at the end of January. Rebels deny government reports of

Jerry Dykstra says they're following the situation because their
ministry teams were scattered by the violence. There is an uneasy calm in part of the country, but "there's
another very important prayer request that we've heard from our brothers and
sisters there. Armed rebels coming from Sudan's Darfur region have spread
terror in the name of Islam in eastern Chad." 

are many stories about divine protection among believers during the violence.

Open Doors
shared this report from Pastor René Daidanso, who lives in Ndjamena. "The critical situation that has just happened
in my country caused me to experience progress in the reading of God's Word and
in prayer. I don't exaggerate when affirming that I never prayed as much as I have during this period. The Lord showed me that I must not leave
the city of Ndjamena. I had to follow Abraham's example when he interceded of
behalf of the city of Sodom and Gomorrah. I interceded for my city, and Ndjamena
was delivered. He communicated to me clearly that if there were only 10
Christians in Ndjamena, He would not destroy the city. I asked Him in my prayer
to direct all deadly bullets toward empty spaces so that lives would be spared.
And my prayer has been granted."

stories like this began to spread.
Others shared their experiences, too. According to Pastor Daidanso, the Chadian
Radio Television was completely burned to ashes because of the bombardments.
But the Church of the Good News belonging to the Christian Assemblies of Chad
that is right next to it was saved through God's powerful hand.

Open Doors
also revealed what happened to the Evangelical Church of Chad. This church of more
than 1,500 members whose pastor is Bako Celestin was also spared from
bombardment. Yet the beautiful market of Ndjamena was largely destroyed, even
though it sits about a hundred meters from the church. Apparently, Christians
didn't undergo any major difficulties.

Dykstra says there are still concerns.
"Open Doors has work in this area. Continue to pray for them. Our
work includes sending along materials, Biblical materials. A lot of it is training for Christians. The
growth of Islam is a big threat in Chad, so we need to keep that in prayer,

Because of
the violent events in Chad, refugees fled by the thousands to Kousseri, a
border city in Cameroon which is across the river from Ndjamena.

Hadama Christopher, whose church in Kousseri belongs to the Union of
Evangelical Churches of Cameroon, confirms that he was worried about the lack
of water and food and about the sharp escalation of prices for food and basic
goods–a situation common in time of war.

Pray for the
Christians of Chad to be helped by God in all circumstances and to be
strengthened in their faith.

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