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By August 21, 2015
(Photo courtesy Bibles For China)

(Photo courtesy Bibles For China)

China (MNN) — Passion: a noun that means “strong emotion” or”desire.” Its roots are connected to late 14th century Latin when the word was closely connected with Jesus Christ’s suffering on the cross.

It’s interesting now to note its connection for Bibles For China. The banner headline on their Web site reads: “A Passion for Bibles. A heart for China.” It answers the reports of revival that is happening throughout rural China.

God has opened more doors for BFC this year as their Bible distribution teams are on track to have almost three times the number of Bible distribution events in 2015 compared to 2014. President Wendell Rovenstine says it’s pretty amazing to see what God has done in five years. “There are new Christians coming to Christ. There’s always a great, vast need for God’s Word that is printed in China, and we do all we can to provide as many of the Bibles as we can for them.”

As encouraging as getting God’s Word is, the pastors are adding a new subtext to their thanks: What now? “They are really wanting to develop leadership within China to make a difference for the salvation of souls,” explains Rovenstine. Pastors are telling the ministry teams that one Bible reaches a family for Christ.

(Photo courtesy Bibles For China)

(Photo courtesy Bibles For China)

Bibles For China plans to head back to one of their ministry sites in October. It’s the fourth time they’ve been at this specific church. Then, says Rovenstine, “One of the pastors there asked if we could stay over a day and just be an encouragement to the leaders in that area. He would be willing to put together a group to be a part of it.” The ministry team enthusiastically made plans to accommodate a small training session, but God had bigger plans, Rovenstine adds. “I was thinking of maybe 30-50 people, at the most. This past week, I found out that they want us to provide Bibles and packets for 200 pastors and leaders that are coming together for us to train.”

Why so many? “These individuals haven’t been Christians for very long,” explains Rovenstine, “so we’re starting with them from Ground Zero when we’re training them: giving them an overview of a total Bible and what it looks like.”

bfcladyThere are two more trips planned in the remaining months of 2015. Rovenstine says each trip celebrates what the local church is doing, and helps resource the Christians. But it’s clear that more hands on deck are what’s needed. “The need is vast. There are areas where they need 300,000 Bibles…. We can provide 100,000 to 150,000 of those, but we’re still way behind the curve in providing the Bibles that are needed.”

Those are huge numbers. What difference can one person make? Because the Bibles are purchased for $5 from Amity Printing in China, they’re not only legal, they’re also affordable for the average Christian. Resourcing the local church connects the dots between availability in China and accessibility.

Please be a generous as God will allow as you consider how many Bibles you can provide. BFC is also praying for God to raise up teams for their Bible distribution events for 2016. If you are interested, click here to get more information.

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