Changes are on the way

By January 15, 2014
Changes are on the way for BFC

This will look a little different come February 1.
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International (MNN) — For a group delivering God’s Word to China, some much-needed changes are on the way.

Wendell Rovenstine of Bibles for China (BFC) says there’s a great need to update their ways of reaching people. Mobile devices have become commonplace. The oft-preferred method of getting information is from a Web site, rather than from a brochure or over the phone.

“For Bibles for China to accomplish its mission and accomplish the passion the Lord has laid upon our heart, we’re endeavoring all we can to develop a Web site,” explains Rovenstine.

“In looking at Bibles for China and the future, we see the ministry being a web-driven, a web-based environment where people from around the world can see what’s happening and catch a vision for what we’re doing.”

Rovenstine says BFC will be launching a new Web site on February 1. Pray for a smooth transition.

“Through our Facebook community, we’re going to be driving people to that Web site,” says Rovenstine.

“We’re starting to ask and involve the people that are our Facebook followers to be in contact with us and be more interactive with what we do.”

Along with information about the ministry of Bibles for China and upcoming distribution trips, the new site will host a “Prayer Portal.”

“Nothing in our ministry is going to function without the touch and direction and approval of the Lord,” Rovenstine states.

“We have volunteers that are praying and will be responsive to those people that have prayer needs…and publishing the prayer needs of those who are going to be involved in China.”

On February 1, you can find the new BFC Web site here.

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