Chaos in Egypt continues

By July 3, 2014
chaos in egypt
Muslim Brotherhood logo (Source:

Muslim Brotherhood logo

Egypt (MNN) — Chaos continues in Egypt today as the country marks the one-year anniversary of Mohammed Morsi’s overthrow. The former President and Muslim Brotherhood leader was removed following a year of protests and continual violence.

The Muslim Brotherhood isn’t the only Islamic party vying for control of Egypt.

“Soldiers of Egypt,” an Islamic militant group, warned last week of an upcoming attack. Though they took credit for a bombing outside the presidential palace on Monday, four terrorists associated with “Partisans of Jerusalem”–another militant Islamic faction–were arrested in connection with the crime yesterday.

*Ahkmed, a Muslim-background believer supported by Advancing Native Missions, shares an insider’s perspective.

“I don’t like to say ‘terrorist group’ because they are obeying Qur’an,” he explains. “And, Qur’an gives them orders to do what they do.”

Ahkmed’s ministry seeks to engage Egyptian Muslims in conversation about Islam and introduce them to the Gospel.

“Our vision, our ministry in Egypt, [is] to explain for people everything about this Way, to explain that Jesus Christ, He is the light, He is the salt,” says Ahkmed.

“Islam is [a] spirit of deception,” he adds. “When you want to talk with Muslims, uncover [the] deception, uncover [the] lie.”

(Photo cred: Ruth Kramer)

(Photo credit: Ruth Kramer)

Missionaries like Ahkmed are standing with Egyptians in need. Political transitions and ongoing social turmoil are making the suffering of the poor even more unbearable.

Here’s how you can pray for them.

“Remember: Egyptian Church, American Church: we are One Body,” says Ahkmed. “Satan doesn’t like us to be one, because Jesus said, ‘Be One.'”

Pray for an end to the chaos in Egypt. Pray that Islam’s deception will be thwarted. Pray that Western believers will support their brothers and sisters in Egypt.

Learn more about the work of Advancing Native Missions.

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