Chaos in Palestine fails to stop a team of believers from supporting the Middle Eastern church.

By November 17, 2004

Middle East (MNN)–The United Nations is publicly announcing its hopeful intentions for peace prospects in the Middle East.

That, despite chaos following a Palestinian leadership crisis, has many believers in the Middle East wary.E3 Partners Tom Doyle, speaking from Jerusalem, says this is a critical time to support the church there. “We’re here doing Evangecube training with different church groups, Messianic groups, Palestinian groups. It’s been amazing to see the people coming together. There’s a lot of fear about what’s going to happen next, now that Yassar Arafat is gone, but the great thing seeing how the Palestinian believers are being warmly embraced by Messianic believers.”

Palestinian churches and Messianic churches love using the Cube and 1000 more were sent out this spring in Israel alone.

Believers are asking for thousands more for this year. Palestinian pastors and Messianic pastors are truly working together for the advancement of the Gospel.
Despite the “situation” the Gospel is spreading, the Church is growing and the Kingdom of God is on the move.
Yet, Doyle says Christians in the Middle East are praying for wisdom. “There’s some terrific stories about those from the Muslim faith coming to Christ just because some believers risked their lives sharing the Gospel with them, and they were ready to meet the Savior. So, they have to be very sensitive. They pray, they seek the Holy Spirit, ‘Is this someone to pursue and share the Gospel with?’, because it’s dangerous.”

The tool is reminiscent of the Rubik’s Cube Puzzle. It will help the user walk friends through the Gospel presentation using pictures. Flip one way, and show man’s separation from God. Flip again, and they’ll see Jesus stepping from the tomb.

The goal is to harness the EvangeCube as a powerful tool to reach one billion unbelievers by 2010.

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