Chechen rebels strike Russia again, Russian Ministries is concerned

By October 14, 2005

Russia (MNN) — Scores of Chechen Rebels have hit the city of Nalchik, Russia yesterday touching off a complete blockade of the city by Russian troops. According to reports scores of Islamic militants launched simultaneous attacks on police and government buildings Caucasus region, just 75 miles from Beslan.

Vice President of Russian Ministries’ Sergey Rakhuba says they have a ministry center near Nalchik and it has had an impact on their work. “Our children’s ministry director for the entire area, Marina, had to flee with her family when the shooting started and she’s not back home yet.”

Because of that, Rakhuba says they’ve had to make some decisions. “We were planning to have a training seminar for all children ministry workers in (the) entire region in the next two weeks and now we have to reconsider that because of the situation and have to change locations for that seminar.”

Dozens of people were killed including rebel fighters and police officers. According to Russian Ministries workers on the ground there, the government responded very quickly to this attack.

According to ministry workers, Rakhuba says, “We know that the city, the entire area is shut down, nothing is functioning. The main communication places are destroyed, like the telephone tower was destroyed. It’s a war.”

Russian Ministries is reaching the next generation of Christian leaders, despite the violence. He says, “We want people to continue praying for Russian Ministries that has a big presence there. We want to pray from wisdom for all those Christian leaders that are in the area there to bring comfort to those who are suffering, to those who lost loved ones.”

Pray that God uses this situation to draw many people to Himself. Pray that the church will be responsive.

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