Chicago77: a call to prayer

By September 7, 2016

United States (MNN) – If you keep up with our news stories, you’re aware that the number one thing our partners ask for is prayer. Perhaps you’ve wondered why it’s such a prominent part of ministry, and of the Christian faith.

Praying together

Perhaps nobody could tell you better than OneWay Ministries why it’s so important to pray.
Michael Thompson, executive director of OneWay says, “I don’t think we realize how dependent we are for God to move.”
He says God’s biggest moves usually come alongside prayer from his people. That’s why OneWay produces Prayercast—to activate and inspire the Church to pray regularly for the Gospel to spread throughout all nations.
Prayercasts are prayer videos informing viewers of the needs in a community so they can pray effectively.holding-hands-752878_640
“The idea is that people from a nation or from a community, or people that are closest to, if you will, resident experts in the needs of a specific area—we ask those people to pray.”
Since 2008, Prayercast has been working to bring the Body of Christ together in prayer for believers and communities around the world.
Thompson says, “We’ve done a Prayercast for every nation, 207, but we also feel like God would have us be involved in the cities.”


For the last few months, Prayercast has gathered video and prayers to focus on a particular city for prayer.
“The first city that we’re really doing is Chicago. Chicago is often in the news as a place of great violence and gangs and many needs. We decided to take our teams this summer in just a few months we made 77 videos, one for every single neighborhood in the city of Chicago itself.”
Thompson gives the example of how neighborhoods are unique and could use specific prayers.
chicago2He describes a neighborhood near the Cubs field that is a center of the LGBTQ movement. It is his hope that through praying for the people in this neighborhood, Christians around the world would grow a heart of compassion for them.
Today, Christians have gathered at Moody Bible for the Pray Chicago event. This kicks off Prayercast’s Chicago77. For each of the next 77 days, Christians can be learning about and praying for the neighborhoods in Chicago. That includes you.
“The most specific thing that we are asking listeners to do is to sign up, to join us, even if you’re not from the city of Chicago. Let the world be praying for the city.”
Thompson says not only does prayer make a difference for those you’re praying for, but it also changes your heart and, perhaps, your life and what you decide to do with it.
To sign up for this, text “Chicago77” to 22828, or subscribe at Join multitudes praying, receiving, or sign up at


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