Child Evangelism Fellowship reaching kids in 4-14 Window

By June 15, 2022

International (MNN) — The 4-14 Window is a term coined by Barna Research Group in 2003 when they found around 70% of Christian adults in the United States accepted Christ by age 13. This groundbreaking research showed how impactful it is to reach kids with the Gospel by the time they turn 14-years-old.

The 4-14 Window is why Child Evangelism Fellowship helps churches and Christian leaders minister to kids in this critical age range all over the world!

Lydia Kaiser, Corporate Communications Specialist with CEF says, “Many churches and missions programs put something like 85% of resources into reaching adults, when more like 85% of the harvest field is children…. It’s unique that CEF recognizes that’s an important mission field and we give all of our attention to it.

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“Our flagship program is the Good News Club, which meets mostly on public school properties after school. In our last ministry year before COVID, we had 5,000 clubs meeting on school property and then another 1,000 or so off school property.”

CEF’s other outreaches include their summer Bible program called 5-Day Club, and Christian Youth in Action which is their teen evangelism training. The ministry operates in most countries and they replicate every program for Gospel outreach.

Kaiser says, “We give [children] the Gospel, then we disciple them in God’s Word, and then we, thirdly, try to get them established in local Bible-believing churches.”

Last year, CEF reached over 15.6 million kids with the Gospel. That number is higher when you include their Christian booklets and digital resources — including CEF’s booklet, Do You Wonder Why, which they recently distributed in Uvalde, Texas to help kids process grief and trauma.

One way you can get involved is by asking your church to partner with CEF!

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“A lot of kids are not being taken to church,” Kaiser says. “So if someone is affiliated with their church and they want to reach more children, they should contact us. We can come into a church and give them teacher training so they can reach the kids who are already coming…. They can have more people who are competent and confident in reaching those kids because, in a lot of churches, just a handful of people are wearing themselves out doing all of the children’s work.”

After training, Kaiser says, “We can help you reach out into a public school and start holding a Good News Club. We have a lot of experience in getting that open for you, training you, showing you how to do it, providing the curriculum, and helping that to be a successful ministry outreach.

“Then when those kids get excited about Jesus, they start asking their parents to take them to church. And where do you think they’re going to go? They want to go where their Good News Club teacher goes.”

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Even if your church can’t partner with CEF at this time, Kaiser recommends, “Just find your nearest CEF local chapter and volunteer in a club!”

Click here to learn more about getting involved with CEF and their Gospel resources.

Meanwhile, please pray for kids — in your community, your country, and in every corner of the globe. Society is persistent with its own worldly messages and agendas for children. These kids desperately need to know there is hope, joy, and love in their Heavenly Father. Ask God to also encourage CEF leaders and partners as they reach kids with the Good News of Jesus Christ.






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