Child sponsorship ministry copes with troubled global economy

By January 8, 2009

International (MNN) — As the
American economy falters, tough times translate to desperate times for those
dependent on U.S. help.

The situation became critical at
74 AMG International childcare centers. In the 14 developing nations where
the centers are located, the cost of rice doubled in less than a year. In addition, prices
for most commodities and services increased significantly, and the value of the
U.S. dollar decreased in relation to many foreign currencies.

In response, AMG raised
sponsorship levels an extra three dollars from $25 to $28 per month. This will
help maintain educational,  nutritional, and spiritual development

under the care of AMG receive a hot, nutritious meal and a snack each day. Staff members monitor the children's health and give them vitamins to provide additional nutrients.

Education is one means of breaking the cycle of poverty, so children get an education
and tutoring if necessary. School-aged
children either are enrolled in a public school or attend AMG's school at
the child-care center. For those in public schools, AMG helps provide
money for uniforms, books, transportation, and school fees.

Where possible, AMG makes scholarships available for children who have the desire and ability to continue on to college, technical school, or a
Bible institute. 

center staff members encourage children to take advantage of every
opportunity they have to learn new skills.

importantly, each child is given a clear presentation of the Gospel, with the
hope that he/she will become a Christian and reach his or her world for
Christ. Click here if you want
more details on how you can sponsor a child.

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