Child sponsorship, Survival Paks go a long way

By May 3, 2010

Uganda (MNN) — The AIDS epidemic has ravished Uganda, leaving thousands of orphans in its wake. Relatives often take these children in to get them off the street, but this often results in even more severe poverty.

Childcare Worldwide president and founder Max Lange is currently in Uganda. Although he has seen many heartbreaking things throughout his ministry, he reports this experience as incredibly devastating in the face of such extreme poverty.

One of the families with whom Lange has contact is composed of one woman and five children, some of whom are grandchildren. The woman, in her 50's, takes care of them all by doing laundry for people, earning just a few dollars a month. Her daughter, who loves school, can no longer attend classes because she is busy making what little money she can as a maid.

"The poorest people in the United States are millionaires, compared to a family like this," says Lange, who was able to provide the family with some basics through his ministry. He says this is precisely the type of family that Childcare Worldwide tries to help on a daily basis.

"Our main focus is helping children succeed in life through child sponsorship," says Lange of their ministry in Uganda. "That's a wonderful, blessed program. Hundreds and hundreds of children are being given an education that helps them break out of the cycle of poverty."

Of course, for families as desperate as the one Lange discussed, schooling is simply not enough. They don't even have enough money to buy food to survive.

For families in this severe of desperation, Survival Paks are provided. Each Survival Pak provides enough food to supply a family of four with nourishment for a month. Families with extra orphaned children they have taken in are due in for more.

The impact these small gifts have is astounding. The woman Lange met in Uganda fell to her knees at the sight a blankets, a commodity she had not had for a long time, if ever.

Besides the obvious material impact, though, Childcare Worldwide provides spiritual nourishment to those they serve as well.

"Every one of them is confronted with the life-giving message of Jesus Christ, and almost every one of them accepts Him into their lives and makes something out of their lives, not only materially, but spiritually," rejoices Lange.

It costs just $30 to sponsor a Survival Pak which will help a family for an entire month, allowing them a chance to save some of the few pennies they earn. For only $35, you can sponsor a child, sending them to school and giving them the opportunity to make an impact for Christ in their country. To help in either of these initiatives, click here and visit the Childcare Worldwide Web site.


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