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By June 9, 2015
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Dr. Jerry Haag says when you sponsor a child with Orphan’s Heart, the donation stays with the child.

USA (MNN) — If you knew that every dollar you donated went not only to help feed a child, but to ensure he or she hears the Gospel, would you get involved?

That’s exactly what happens when you sponsor a child with Orphan’s Heart.

President of Orphan’s Heart Dr. Jerry Haag says, “In a new program, we have over 700 children that are individually sponsored. And one thing that’s unique about our child sponsorship program is that it’s $35 a month, but every dollar is given to that individual child.”

According to Haag, the need is great. “Every year, 3 million children will die because of hunger or because of the wrong types of food. But I love what Mother Teresa said: ‘If you can’t feed 100 people, then feed just one.'”

Orphan’s Heart has some specific needs. Haag says, “We have need for 400 sponsors of children on our website.”

This child from Romania is a part of Orphan's Heart's new child sponsorship program in Romania.

This child from Romania is a part of new child sponsorship program in Romania with Orphan’s Heart.

Where are the needs? Haag says, “We have a tremendous need right now in Colombia, in the Dominican Republic, in Guatemala. We have new areas of ministry in Romania, Latvia, and in Uganda.” Tanzania is also opening up soon, he says.

The other thing that makes Orphan’s Heart decidedly Christian is this: “We make the commitment out there not only to feed these children, but we want to introduce them to our Savior, Jesus Christ.”

Your sponsorship gift provides so much. “For about $1 a day, I can change that child’s life. I can make sure they don’t go to bed hungry. I can make sure that they’re going to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. And because of that love that’s surrounded them, we see so many of these kids accepting Christ as their Savior.”

Haag says this program can also help your prayer life, just like one man who sponsors multiple children as he looks at their pictures. “He’s praying for each and every one of them by name. I know that the food and educational opportunities make a difference, but I also know the effectual and fervent prayer of one righteous man makes an eternal difference in the lives of these children.”

If you’d like more information about Orphan’s Heart child sponsorship program, click here.

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