Child treks one hour for a Bible

By July 24, 2012

Nepal (MNN) — Many of us have heard grandparents joke about walking to school for an hour–uphill both ways, barefoot in snowstorms.

While this may simply be a fun quip hinting at truths of the past, lots of people in developing countries still do a lot of walking to get around.

But one nine-year-old girl in Nepal didn’t tackle an hour-long trek just to get to school.

When this little girl heard there might be a Children’s Bible in a nearby Bible and book distribution, she walked an hour just to get her hands on it.

Jason Woolford, Executive Director of Christian Resources International (CRI), says, “She was shouting and showing her Bible to all the children in the neighboring houses and then was reading the Bible to those kids.”

This 9-year-old girl’s story is just one of many that come back to CRI as a result of their donated Bible and book shipments to Christians overseas.

CRI’s recent shipment of books and Bibles to Nepal touched down in a country where less than 1% of the population is Christian. Most of the people follow Hinduism or Buddhism.

A missionary with CRI received the Great Crate of Bibles and books and took them into the mountains by mule back to distribute the materials.

“You look at an average income in these third world countries…usually it’s around $30 a month,” says Woolford. “The cheapest Bible usually that they can find is about $11, so you imagine trying to take a third of your income to buy the Word of God: it just doesn’t happen! So that’s why we are sending the Word of God for free.”

According to Woolford, “People can sponsor a container [loaded with books and Bibles] for $10,900. If you look at sponsoring the container for that, you’re talking about sending a used book value of almost $400,000 worth of Bibles and Christian teaching tools. That’s exactly why and how every $1 that you donate actually turns into $35.”

Currently, CRI has three more Great Crates full of Bibles and books waiting to be shipped out. However, they’re struggling financially to make ends meet.

“With a little bit of a drought financially, it has put us in a vicarious position,” says Woolford. “We’re about $60,000 behind right now year-to-date.”

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