Childcare Worldwide fills stomachs with food and hearts with Christ’s words

By June 1, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — Haiti has all but vanished from news headlines.

Dr. Max Lange of Childcare Worldwide said this is because nothing has changed: incredible needs for food, shelter and other provisions persist and reconstruction is a longtime in coming.

"Things haven't changed; they haven't gotten any better. They are remaining the same, and people are in tragic need in Haiti," Lange said, adding that this may be the case for months to come.

Port-au-Prince is still sprinkled with tent cities. Ishmael, 10, and his family are among the thousands seeking temporary shelter there. While their tent of a sheet and wooden poles can hardly be called a home, the family's primary focus is food: "Food remains one of the critical needs for families like Ishmael's," Lange said.

Since the earthquake hit in January, Childcare Worldwide has helped distribute essential food items through their Family Feeding Program. Right now, they feed 400 families (2,000 individuals) every week.

Physical food is not the only thing these people are hungry for: "People are not just hungry for food. They are hungry for the food of Christ: the Gospel. And they are coming to know the Lord Jesus Christ in large, large numbers," Lange said.

Join Childcare Worldwide as they provide physical and spiritual food. Click here to help out with the Family Feeding Program. $25 feeds a family for an entire week.

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