Childcare Worldwide meets goal of mosquito nets

By July 15, 2010

Africa (MNN) — On April 25, World Malaria Day, Childcare
asked people like you across the world to fund mosquito nets for families
in Kenya and Uganda.

Over the last several months, the response has been
tremendous, and Childcare Worldwide was able to purchase 550 nets and then
distribute them across the two countries.

Thanks to generous donors, hundreds of lives are no longer
at risk of receiving potentially deadly bites from malaria-carrying mosquitoes
while they sleep at night.

Of the people Childcare Worldwide distributed the nets to,
families in their Survival Pak program received the most. These poor
families also receive food in these Paks, saving their lives and improving the
quality of their life. As they receive food and nets, they witness Christ's love
in His followers' actions and have reason to renew their hope for their

Other recipients of nets include Childcare Worldwide's
sponsored children from their children's villages. These children not only
receive education, but they also learn about Christ's plan of salvation for

As Childcare Worldwide celebrates the success of this last
initiative, they are still in the process of collecting more nets to save more
lives. Click here to help fund more nets.

Also, pray for the people who have already received nets.
Pray that this gift will open their hearts to how much Jesus cares for them.

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