Childcare Worldwide provides both physical and spirtual nourishment in Haiti

By April 1, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — Dr. Max Lange saw the after-effects of bombings in Germany firsthand during World War II. He says the aftermath of the massive earthquake in Port-au-Prince, Haiti looks very much the same to him.

Dr. Max is the president of Childcare Worldwide, a ministry that has been working in Haiti since well before the January quake. Since the disaster, the ministry has sent five 40-foot containers of food, water, clothes, medicine and medical supplies to help affected families.

"Right now, we are involved in a family feeding program that is reaching 400 families in Port-au-Prince, about 2,000 people," says Dr. Max. "They're being fed everyday."

Childcare Worldwide also supports several schools in Port-au-Prince, none of which are yet back in session but are providing food for 900 students.

Perhaps most exciting in all of this work is the way the ministry has been able to take opportunities to bring the hope of the Gospel to a country lost in hopelessness. Dr. Max says one woman, Mary, lost her house during the quake and was sleeping on the street with her 15-month-old son until Childcare Worldwide found her. They gave Mary and her son shelter and food and told her about Christ. She is now following the Lord.

Childcare Worldwide staff is working tirelessly during the day to provide physical necessities, while spending ample time at night preaching the Gospel.

"The church that used to be there is ruined, and in front of this church, out in the street every night, our staff is conducting a crusade. In the last two weeks, over 500 people have already come and committed their lives to Jesus Christ," says Dr. Max.

God is already using this tragedy to bring many loved ones to Him. Pray that God would continue to use Childcare Worldwide in the lives of people like Mary and her son to nourish them with physical and spiritual food and water.

Funding, of course, is still a need in Haiti. Childcare Worldwide spends about $10,000 each week on their family feeding program alone. Click here to find out how you can best help Haiti.


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