Childhood returns to refugee kids at Bible camp

By July 25, 2018

Lebanon (MNN) — Many refugee children experience a lifetime of trauma before they reach their teen years. As detailed here and here, a majority of refugee kids see and experience things that no one ever should.

But, for six weeks, refugee kids in Lebanon could just be kids again at a Bible camp led by Triumphant Mercy. A sister in Christ we’ll call “Nuna” leads the ministry. She says the friendship between Christian staff and Muslim refugee parents played a key role in the camp’s success.

(Header photo and story photo courtesy Triumphant Mercy)

“They know that we actually love their kids,” she says.

“They know that we’re NOT coming to just dump something on them and then leave. We’re there all the time.”

In the morning, refugee kids arrive at the Triumphant Mercy center in Beirut for a day full of adventure. The typical routine is similar to that of a Vacation Bible School in the U.S. – games, songs, crafts, and lessons, all focused on the Gospel. In the afternoon, children return home to their families.

How can Muslim refugee kids attend Bible camp?

The Gospel is a stumbling block for some Muslim parents who send their children to the camp. In the teachings of Islam, Jesus Christ was a prophet, not God’s Son. Despite initial resistance, Nuna says refugees remain open to what the staff have to say.

“We’re explaining about God and His prophets and His ways, and how wonderful He is, and slowly getting to the resurrection, getting to know Jesus as Messiah,” Nuna explains.

“But, we have to go through a long process just to get there.”

The Bible camp ended this week and refugee kids are going back to their normal routines. Pray they’ll share what they’ve learned at the Bible camp with their family members. And, look for opportunities to do the same in your own family.

“I really want to encourage (readers) just to listen to the voice of the Spirit,” Nuna says.

“If they are really, really passionate about Christ, they can’t stop just because people are from different faiths, different culture…. they can’t stop just because ‘this is not politically correct’.”

Learn more about Triumphant Mercy’s work in Lebanon here.

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