Children are opening up their hearts to the season of giving

By November 26, 2012

International (MNN) — Many children are realizing that Christmas is not just a holiday to receive. Gospel for Asia has sent out their Christmas Catalog, and many kids have made it their goal to help children around the world.

Dr. K.P. Yohannan, founder and president of GFA, is excited for this Christmas season of giving. "So what we do, we take this opportunity, this celebration, by going to poor communities, to helpless people in the slums and bring gifts of all kinds. Some families: maybe a buffalo; some places: a sewing machine; in other places: a bicycle–all trying to help in the name of Jesus during the Christmas season."

The presents the families receive are very practical. "Every year we bring help to somewhere around 150,000 families in India, Nepal, Burma, Bhutan, and these nations."

After looking through the GFA Christmas catalog, two children in Australia decided they wanted to help. 9-year -old Dylan and 7-year-old Isabella told their parents they wanted to buy everything in the catalog.

"They said, 'Mom and Dad, this year we don't want any gifts from you like last year and other years. And we don't want to give any gifts to you. But please, would you give us all the money so we can send it to Gospel for Asia to help the children who do not have the joy of Christmas like we have?'"

"Within a very short time, these kids were able to come up with over $2,000. People who heard about it, gave," Yohannan says.

The gifts in the GFA Christmas catalog can help families make a living. One of the Christmas gifts is a dozen chickens. Yohannan said, "And with the eggs they get, it's amazing how the family actually can make a living."

One little girl has a dream to buy one million chickens for the families living in the red light district. Thousands of women are selling their bodies to make a living for themselves and their children. "And this one 11-year-old girl decided that she was going to make this a campaign to raise money to help the children of these prostitutes. She raised $11,000 so we can help 100 children," Yohannan explained.

The campaign that this girl has started can be found online by clicking here.

The Christmas Catalog also can be found online. Click here to visit the Web site.

"Pray that God will give us a tender heart, break our hearts, and cause us to live in the light of eternity,: Yohannan said. "And from that, a revolution starts, in our family, in our community. I think we can change the world."

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