Children brought to tears viewing film about Jesus’ life

By March 27, 2008

Asia Pacific (MNN) — Rodel Lacson has seen many children brought to tears by the story of Jesus' life. "You would just be amazed and awed by the response of these children when you see them actually shedding tears, actually absorbing, and actually experiencing the moment that this film had for them at that time," said Lacson.

Lacson works with Book of Hope in the Asia Pacific region where the GodMan film is shown in conjunction with the distribution of the Book of Hope. The GodMan film is the story of Jesus
according to the book of Luke in animated form. It is about 52 minutes in length.

Last year, Book of Hope reached 500,000 children in Philippines alone. They are working in Malaysia, and Thailand, too. This year they goal is to reach 1.5 million children with the film in the Philippines. Two versions of the GodMan film will be used: "One is the multicultural version and then the other one is the peninsular Asian version," said Lacson. Between those two versions, there are four different language dubs.

That 1.5 million people will likely include many Muslim or Buddhist children because "they were  having this kind of a jealous mentality in them that said,‘Hey! Why are you
showing this in other schools and you're not showing it to us?' We've had those responses before, and we're actually targeting a lot of Muslim areas in the South, we're praying that God would allow us to have an open door."  

Lacson described the reception in the Buddhist schools that they've shown the film in thus far as the "most welcoming." The teachers and principals there were just as positive as the children. "We're seeing a lot of good things happening for the ministry in Asia Pacific, and God is really showing a lot of things right there," he said.

Book of Hope is seeking partners who will pray for donors so that even more children in Asia Pacific and other parts of the world will be reached. 

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