Children captivated by Christ

By April 24, 2007

Ukraine (MNN) — Children in Ukraine can't get enough of the GodMan film.

One of the showings of the film took place near a train station. When the train arrived to take the families home, the film was not quite over. While the parents insisted it was time to go home, the children begged to finish the film.

Book of Hope
reported that a mother tugging her daughter along asked, "Why do you want to watch this? You can see cartoons at home." The girl would not take "no" for an answer.

The film is currently showing in more than 40 nations. It has become an important alternative as well as supplementary way to communicate the message of Christ, especially to children.  Often the film is used to share the Good News with children who can't read and those who may never get the chance to learn. Other children are old enough to understand the message but too young to read. Sometimes children who can read would simply rather watch a video or play on the internet. This method of evangelism helps reach those children who seek videos for entertainment.

The GodMan film shows the story of Jesus' life in photo-realistic animation. It has been formatted to suit many different cultures. It is currently available in 4 versions and 14 languages, with 4 more versions in production. 

Pray that the message of the GodMan would continue to captivate the hearts and minds of children. Pray that they make a decision to trust Christ and grow up seeking God's

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