Children Caring for Children could open new mission doors

By May 18, 2005

USA (MNN) — A Bible League program may be just what your vacation Bible school, Sunday school class or youth group may need. It’s a program that will inspire kids to get involved in missions work, while helping children overseas at the same time. Research indicates that many of the missionaries who are currently on the field felt called by God to be a missionary before their 14th birthday. That’s why this program is so important, because it makes children aware of needs of children overseas and gives them a heart for children who don’t have God’s Word.

The program is called, Children Caring for Children, a ministry of the Bible League. It actually started 20 years ago as way to teach kids in the U-S about children from other cultures. According to the Bible League’s program director, Connie Reitsma, “It’s (now) a neat way for kids to make a difference in the lives of other children and their families.”

How? American children participate in a series of classroom mission activities including, videos, stories and posters that focus on one of six world areas with great spiritual needs. As they learn, they also raise money to send Scriptures to their ‘partner’ children overseas. While the cost of each illustrated Bible storybook is $2, a group of children can make a significant contribution to evangelism in these areas.

Reitsma says while each storybook can change a life of a child, it can impact an entire family as well. “Kids overseas are just like kids here. They’re going to ask their parents or grandma and grandpa to read their new book to them. So, every book has the potential to reach six adults.”

The program not only helps families overseas, but it could inspire a young person to be a full-time missionary some day, or it could be the starting point for a young person to be a missions-minded adult in your local church.

Information on the Children Caring for Children program can be found at the Bible League. Click on the highlighted link above for contact information.

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