Children feel the effects of Nepal blockade

By December 15, 2015
(Photo courtesy Vision Beyond Borders)

(Photo courtesy Vision Beyond Borders)

Nepal (MNN) — The United Nations recently announced that more than 3 million children are at risk in Nepal.

Because of the earthquakes earlier this year, over 200,000 people live in temporary shelters. Combined with low food and fuel supplies resulting from India’s blockade and the approaching winter, the future doesn’t look promising.

“This situation–this earthquake and the blockade–is pushing our country maybe a hundred years back. That means a lot of people are homeless, a lot of children are homeless,” explains Suren, the Nepal contact for Vision Beyond Borders.

Vision Beyond Borders runs children’s homes in Nepal. But in a time of great need, VBB only has so much room. “We have a heart to help them, but we have limited resources,” says Suren.

At the same time, there has been a lot of pushback against these children’s homes. Accusations have been flying suggesting Nepalese children are not at risk and the children’s homes are a scam.

(Photo courtesy Vision Beyond Borders)

(Photo courtesy Vision Beyond Borders)

“I would say in some of the cases, yes, it is. But this day, in Nepal, the government is intervening in that situation, which means the government does not allow [homes] to keep any children who have their parents,” says Suren.

All children’s homes in Nepal have to register with the government. And registration means submission to the government’s laws.

“So maybe it was there before in many children’s homes. But no longer can any children’s home keep children who have their parents and family members,” explains Suren.

But for those who are truly orphans, VBB can help. And you can help VBB answer the call to care for orphans.

“Please contact VBB. They know all the situations over there [in Nepal]. I’m constantly in contact with them. And they would know our needs and everything,” says Suren.

Suren also asks, above anything else, for prayer for Nepal, the children, and the ministries serving them.

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