Children in China have a ‘Good News’ book available

By April 11, 2005

China (MNN/BLG) — The Bible League can now offer healing help to Chinese families through God’s Word in a beautifully illustrated Children’s Story Bible.

This Bible is a much-needed resource in a country where, after more than 30 years of the “one-child” policy, a second generation of parents, who were also raised without siblings, are struggling to raise their own children, says the Bible League’s director of ministry for China.

“As a consequence of the one-child policy, many single-child parents don’t know how to bring up their own children,” the director says. “Many of these children are spoiled and have become like little emperors or queens who manipulate their parents and grandparents.”

The needs of China’s families, particularly in rural, jobless areas. Millions of rural Chinese parents don’t live with their children, the article said, because to support their families, parents migrate to others parts of China to find work. These rural children are called “left behind,” because their parents leave them in the care of grandparents.

Whether living under the guidance of grandparents, or as the center of a familial universe, one thing is clear: China’s children-and their families-are hurting. And the Children’s Story Bible can help ease their suffering. In addition to stories, each hardbound Bible has memory verses, crafts and activities, written by an in-country Chinese Christian, so children and their families can learn the Truth of His Word together.

“By reaching the kids, we’ve led many parents to the Lord,” says the director. “They are profoundly touched by the changes they see in their own children. Our hope is to build a generation that depends on God-not resists Him. Please pray that the story Bibles can be used to change the lives of the ‘little emperors and queens.’ Millions of China’s children need your prayers!”

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