Children make up major percentage of victims

By December 31, 2004

Asia (MNN) — While thousands are dead and millions homeless, Compassion International is putting a face on some of those who have been impacted in the earthquake induced tsunami.

Compassion’s Melissa Eiles (isles) says between a third and half of the victims of the disaster were children. The organization serves the needs of more than 100,000 children in India, Thailand, and Indonesia. Eiles says their India program was affected. “More than 25 fathers of Compassion assisted children were lost at sea. We also have one project in India that all the homes in the project were swept away. And, this was over 400 families in this particular project.”

Compassion International has issued an International call to prayer. They’ve also set up a Tsunami Relief Fund to help provide aid. The money raised will empower the church to reach out, says Eiles. “These are the times when people evaluate their lives. God is moving through this crisis. We are seeing the face of God already as the church responds strongly to this crisis, (especially) as people give generously.”

It’s too early to tell the full impact the devastation has had on Compassion’s work. “Most of our staff have reported in. Our project staff in India is actually going home to home of each child, checking on the whereabouts of the children and families. But, we do have some countries that haven’t reported in yet,” says Eiles.

You can contribute to Compassion International’s Tsunami Relief Fund by going to their web site,

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