Children of prostitutes receive Christ’s love in India

By July 15, 2004

India (MNN) — It’s an outreach to the children of Nepali prostitutes in Bombay, India. There are about 60,000 Nepali women who have either been sold into prostitution or kidnapped and forced into the work. The offspring of these women are often forgotten, or forced into prostitution themselves.

Hope Builders Interntaional is helping. Hope Builder’s Lance Thollander says a missionary couple has taken in four of these children and given them love and nurturing and their giving their hearts to Christ.

Thollander says more must be done. “There’s a Nepali couple that actually has planted a church in that area. So, they are reaching out to this population. They’re saying there are many more children that they would like to take in and are available for saving from this life. But, there’s a lack of funds, a lack of space, but it’s definitely a situation where a little help could go along way,” he says.

Hope Builders is sending financial support to help this ministry and your help is needed. Thollander says, “Gifts of $50, gifts of $100 can cover food, lodging, schooling, medicine. The children can be brought into the life of the church, redeemed, and then they disciple and then send their disciples back to plant churches there.”

Special funding is needed to fund a larger building and more staff to help.

Thollander says it’s amazing how these young people are responding to this love and compassion. He says, “When you talk to them and you ask them, ‘what do you want to be?’ so many of them will say, ‘I want to be a missionary, I want to open an orphanage’ you can just see in their hearts that the help that was give to them, they want to offer to others.”

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