Children reach out to Romania’s kids with the hope of Christ.

By July 1, 2004

Romania (MNN)–The Bible League is celebrating a collaboration that raised more than 75-thousand dollars to help send Scriptures to children in Romania.

The “Children Caring for Children” project is a classroom mission program that will help give kids a heart for those who don’t have God’s Word.

This year, participating classes from two Lutheran school districts studied Romania and learned about the needs of the culture. The Lutheran schools’ annual “Hearts for Jesus” project brought classes from Michigan, Florida and Georgia together with a common goal.

While studying Romania, the students discovered how the social ills have an impact on the society, and in turn, the families. They also learned that church leaders not only are overwhelmed, but have few resources for children and their families.

Through the students’ efforts, more than 37-thousand Romanian children will get a special hard-bound illustrated Scripture book “Leading Little Ones to God”.

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