Children see Christ’s life in their own language

By March 24, 2008

Malawi (MNN) — Children in Malawi have a new way to learn about Christ. The JESUS Film children's version is now available in Chichewa. 

Acted out by African kids, they hope that it will be used for evangelism in schools and children's ministries in various churches and organizations.    

JESUS Film would like people to partner with LIFE Ministry Malawi, known as Campus Crusade for Christ in the United States. "Use this tool as a way of transforming the lives of our children in this nation," said Tinge Msusa with JESUS Film. "Our motivation of translating the children's version of the JESUS Film is in obedience with the Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20."

They made the decision to translate the children's film in 2007, and has now been released. At the launch, MK70,000 was raised, which is equal to about $500, from a DVD auction. Pastors, directors of other ministries, General Secretaries of Christian organizations, government officials and other Christians attended.

Life Ministry Malawi is working in 191 different countries, striving to fulfill the Great Commission. 

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