Children Walk a Mile to Bible Classes

By April 24, 2007

Ghana (MNN) — Classes at Oasis International are seeing fruit among the youth as well as the older students.

Saturday youth Bible classes started in January with 6 students. Today, up to 70 students
between the ages 8 and 18 are learning the plan of salvation along with basic Biblical principles.

Many of the children must walk up to a mile to attend the class. Sometimes they may arrive an hour late for the 9:30 class. The only setbacks so far are that homework and attendance may have to be done more than once. "It hasn't affected the attendance at all. We keep gaining students each week, which is a good problem to have," said Ambrose Brennan of Oasis International. 

Brennan says the growth can be attributed to the children. They enjoy the class and
therefore invite their friends and family to come along. "We've had several invitations to accept Christ.  One day we had about 24 raise their hands," said Brennan. The language barrier makes determining the actual number of true dedications difficult, but they continue to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit to invite the students
to accept Christ.

More children would be able to attend the class if getting there was easier. A van or bus would be a welcome addition to this ministry. "We feel the more we can impart the Word of God into the young students, the greater chance they're going to have to succeed in life, to do well in their communities, and be a part of advancing the kingdom of God. We believe they are the church of the future," said Brennan.   

Older students are also taking part in the lives of the younger students. "We have three of our current students helping with the class. So they're taking a real leadership role in the worship and in motivating the class and some of the teaching," Brennan said.

Their leadership doesn't stop there, though. The students are taking what they learn to
their own communities. After one student spoke about God's role in decision-making at a community meeting, the director expressed that he wanted the man at all of the meetings.  Another woman is helping with evangelistic work in her church and community, while another began a prayer group.

Pray that God would make it possible for transportation to become available so that more students can attend these youth classes. Also, "This may sound strange, but you can pray for
rain for our area. They have a dam here that generates the hydroelectric power and because of the shortage of rain, they've had to ration the electricity," said Brennan.

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