Children worldwide need care, hope

By March 25, 2010

International (MNN) — As the world's poverty grows starker,
the next generation endures most of the loss. 

Dr. Max Lange with Childcare Worldwide says that everything they
do comes back to answering this question: "What is the most vulnerable
segment of society when there is catastrophe?"

It's the children.

Why are children the key to a
future? Dr. Max says it's because they are
reachable. His own story proves that. Max was born and
raised in Germany. At the height of Hitler's rise to power, he was a leader in
Hitler Youth. His experiences during the
Nazi days and subsequent conversion to Christianity in Liberia, West Africa,
are proof of what God can change through a young person.

Childcare Worldwide is all about building a future for and through kids. Dr. Max says,
"You can help children–giving them food, helping them survive, but then
what? They eventually need more. They need more tools to make something out of
their lives."

Dr. Max says they looked at what they could do beyond life
. "We started with child
sponsorship. We are focusing on helping children get an education which will
make them employable." 

Job training is an essential part of this. Childcare Worldwide's program offers education all the way through
trade school. Sponsored children in the program receive school fees and
supplies, such as uniforms and books. Children living in the homes receive full
care in addition to these educational expenses. 

Childcare Worldwide works in Kenya, Uganda, India and
Haiti. They also partner with charities in Peru,
, Thailand,
China and The

Founded in 1981, Childcare Worldwide began operating out of the Lange's bedroom in their Glendale, California home. Subsequent doors opened through disasters,
famines and other needs. Childcare
Worldwide began responding and putting national teams in place.

As the ministry grows, Dr. Max says they have not lost sight of their
purpose. "We do not do anything unless we can also proclaim the Gospel. That
is part of our whole work; we are basing it on the Gospel of Jesus

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