Children’s Bible Clubs in India help transform communities

By June 11, 2015
(Photo courtesy Mission India)

(Photo courtesy Mission India)

India (MNN) — Do you remember what it was like to go to Vacation Bible School? You’d meet tons of friends, play games, sing, and learn about Jesus.

It’s the same in India.

Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Mission India holds Children’s Bible Clubs that last ten days, where kids can enjoy skits, play games, sing, and dance. They also learn about Jesus and dig deep into the Word of God.

On the tenth and final day, they have a celebration for not only the kids, but also their families and the entire community.

“On the last day, the kids have a big program to celebrate, and often they’ll have a little parade through the area, singing and inviting people to join them and come to the program. And, so it’s kind of a fun community event,” says Lindsay Ackerman of Mission India.

Kids wave flags, leading the people to the church where they perform everything they’ve learned–like Bible stories and songs–from the last ten days at camp. It’s a way children can teach their parents about Jesus.

“It’s really a joyful celebration of God and what He’s doing in their lives, and it’s a great opportunity for our partners to reach parents as well.”

What happens at the end of 10 days?

Unlike many VBS programs, Mission India is taking action, making sure kids continue learning about the Gospel.

“Children are invited to attend a local church, if one exists already, or sometimes they’ll gather into some small prayer cells [with] opportunities to learn more about God,” Ackerman says.

Mission India’s partners, who run the clubs, live in the same communities that the kids live in.

“It gives partners an opportunity to meet families in their communities–to make those connections with the kids and then by extension, with the parents.” Club leaders often meet with families to get to know them better, learn what’s going on in their lives, and pray with them.

Another advantage of having indigenous club leaders is that they are able to lead year-long Bible clubs.

“[Partners] are already familiar with a lot of kids,” Ackerman says, adding that these Bible clubs take place in the same area as the 10-day Children’s Bibles Clubs.

“This is a chance for the kids to come every day after school, or if they’re not in school, they just come in the evening. And they’re able to continue to be discipled, to be ministered to; and the partners are able to continue to build those relationships with the kids and families.”

Pray for these Children’s Bible Clubs to bear fruit as they speak the Word of God into the hearts and minds of the kids and their families.

“These are huge door-openers in communities. There are so many villages still in India where the name of Jesus has not even been heard. These Bible clubs are that first chance for us to introduce the good news.”

Another way you can help is by sponsoring the 10-day club or the year-long club.

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