Children’s Bible Clubs thrive, despite arrest of ministry workers

By June 30, 2010

India (MNN) — Yesterday, we brought you the story of eight ministry
workers going back to court on July 2 for the charge of "deliberate and
malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings."

The eight were attacked and then arrested during a 4-day
training session for the Year-Long Children's Bible Clubs in August of last year.
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Despite the attacks and arrests, Children's Bible Clubs
training continues, and more and more workers are being equipped to help
children during these after school clubs.

"Our staff in India train people in every state of India–north
and south. There is a great movement to the Lord in India, and it seems to
be happening simultaneously everywhere," said Dave Stravers of Grand
Rapids, Michigan-based Mission India.

Bible Clubs are contributing to this revival. Stravers said
at each club, between 40 and 100 kids meet each week day where they get help
with school work and learn about the saving power of Jesus Christ. Saturdays are game days, and then after several weeks, worship service are held on

It is not just kids who are making decisions for Christ: children who attend are bringing Christ back to their families. For example,
Stravers shared the story of Rohan who had severe headaches and probably a
brain tumor. His family allowed him to go to Children's Bible Club because they
wanted him to have as much fun as he could in the time he had left.

"The children in the Bible Club started praying for him, and
he gradually, very gradually started getting better. After three months, he was
completely healed," Stravers said. During this time, Rohan accepted Christ as
his Savior. After he was healed, his father came to Christ: "He and his wife
and his children all became believers, and so far, eight other families in the
village have come to the Lord,"said Stravers.

When people commend Mission India for teaching future leaders about Christ, Stravers says: "We're not
helping the future leaders of India; we're helping the present leaders of
India. Leaders are people who have influence, and children have great
influence in their families."

And together these families are transforming entire
communities. Hindu extremists hate it and are saying: "Hundreds of temples
are closing and hundreds of churches are starting; what is happening to our

Pray for Children's Bible Clubs to continue to prosper,
leading children and in turn their families and communities to Christ.

You can also help send a kid to Bible Club for an entire
year for just $10. Click here to begin.

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