Children’s center in India works to light up the world

By April 15, 2008

India (MNN) — The unwanted, homeless and abandoned children of India face a dark future.  9% of India's children will die before they reach their 5th birthday. If they do survive, they often face abuse, slave labor and a lifetime of hardship and poverty.  

India Partners' Brent Hample says
they're helping a partner shine some light in the streets of Andhra Pradesh.
"Little Lamps Children's Home is run by [Pastor Eliezer Devasahayam] and
his wife [Prema], who started taking children off the street. " 

The ministry of Little Lamps was
born of a dream Prema had. According to
information from India Partners, in the dream she was crying out for her two
children who were lost. She saw two groups of youngsters, playing in two

She cried, "Jesus, if my own
children are safe, I will take care of these children as my own. We will be
like their mother and father." Soon she saw her own kids safely playing in
the clouds with the other children. She awoke to find herself shouting and crying out loud.

Prema shared the dream with her
husband Eliezer, and they prayed about it. Eliezer supported her vision to take
care of other children. They started in 2003, bringing five children into their
own home. Later the number increased to eight and very recently to 12, in
addition to their own children, Thomas and Beulah.

With so many people in the house,
it is full to bursting, and there is no room for more children. Hample says, "They want to expand. They have
some land that has been donated next door. We're trying to raise about
$30,000 to build a 1200-square-foot children's home that will
house 24 children."

It's a drop in the bucket when
you consider the scope. But, Hample says, for the ones they help, it makes a
world of difference. "At least we're affecting these 24
children that will be helped to be able to go to school, get a good meal,
cared for and nurtured in a Christian environment where they are introduced to
Jesus and given the opportunity to come to know Jesus."

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