Children’s home in Khartoum needs your prayers

By October 7, 2013

Sudan (MNN) — Sudan is calm, at least for now, following weeks of violent protests. It was reportedly the worst unrest in the country for years.

Riots began when Sudan's government lifted fuel subsidies on September 23, a move that nearly doubled the price of gasoline. Demonstrators quickly took to the streets in protest, and unrest spread throughout Sudan, reaching the capital city of Khartoum in record time.

Some 700 people have been arrested so far, and dozens of protestors were injured when national security forces stepped in. The death toll stands at 34, according to Sudan's government, but rights groups and a few diplomats have said over 100 were killed.

Jed Hamoud of Kids Alive International says the riots put children they care for at high-risk.

"Our biggest concern is that the rioters [and] demonstrators do not intrude on the property and put the children at harm," says Hamoud."Our top priority is really the safety of our children and the safety of our staff, in situations like this."

Tight security has largely shut down protests in the capital city of Khartoum, where the Kids Alive Boys' Home is located.

"What they will lead to, in terms of the overall country's stability, is very unpredictable," Hamoud says.

An estimated 10% of Sudan's children are orphans; many of them live on the streets or in refugee camps. Hamoud says the boys' backgrounds play into how they respond during times of crisis.

"Their abandonment sometimes plays into their fears and insecurity. And when we provide them with love and care and attention…we're living the message of the Gospel," he states.

"Our hope is that they come to see Christ through this ministry and they, too, will then change and turn their life to Christ."

Pray for this transformation to take place.

Kids Alive fulfills the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of children through Christ-centered care, education, and ministries, helping children become faithful followers of Jesus and pillars of their community.

To learn more about the work of Kids Alive in Sudan, click here.

"We're there to shelter them, to give them protection, to give them safety, and to minister to them," says Hamoud.

Would you take a moment to pray for them?

"We covet your prayers in terms of…the protection and safety for the children…for the staff there," Hamoud says. "Pray that the schools will stay open so we can continue to send our kids to school."

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  • Sheyma says:

    I see what you do is really great and I am just a student, just done with school, I will be continuing with my further studies with a great hope of joining the UNICEF. So, as you see, I a really interested in such kind of charity work and non-profit organizations that stands for the sake of the society. However, I havr noticed that you placed clearly the holy name “Christ”. But let me tell you something, maybe you chose to be a christian, inposing the same religion on others isn’t the right thing to do. The world of religion is really big, It would really be nice if these children get to understand different kinds of religions and study about them well and when they grow up, they get to decide for themselves which one is the right one. You see, we don’t follow up religions blindly just because our parents did so, we are all blessed with a beautiful mind and I hope you really do consider my words. Maybe, these children did belong to a family with another religion, maybe their parents wanted them to know more about it. Specially, being in Sudan and Khartoum as well, you are aware that majority of us are muslims, including me. I don’t want to place my religion infront of yours, what you to know is, these children won’t have knowledge about religions until you help them out with it, leaving them to understand and choose wisely is what’s right to do. I hope you understand me well. And I really like the great effort you have put on to help these children as they are just like us and they need our great support and help. But It would really be nice if they get a broader understanding and it’s their life and god will ask them for it, not you. When we talk about religion, it’s really a great debate, I mean, we all know that there is just one and only one god. Yet all religions claim a god that’s not as the other religion, so it really needs one to have a great understanding and knowledge about all the religions. And when I say knowledge and understanding, I don’t mean that one should judge a religion by it’s followers or what is said about it, you know there are various blacksheeps in a religion, even in christianity. So it’s only through it’s book that you get to know about a religion. And islam, it’s the Quran, it’s known. So yeah, It would really be nice of you if you provide these children with knowledge about various religions. Let them look into miracles, things that have happened and let them decide for themselves what’s right as there is no compulsion in religion. Thank you for your time. Good luck!

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