Children’s Hope International child sponsors are role models and a source of hope

By November 8, 2007

International (MNN) — Sadly for many orphans, adoption will never become a reality. 

Children's Hope International
is helping to provide for these children through child sponsorships. Though adoption is the best option, child sponsorship is often able to reach orphans who might never be adopted. The ultimate goal is to bring spiritual life and hope to everyone they serve.

Sponsors can communicate with their children via mail and even visit them to see how their financial support is helping. CHI's Mary House reports: "It is wonderful for these children because they
say, 'Here is someone who cares about me, and here is someone who is helping me and my family, and here is someone who I want to please. I want to grow up and do good and be like this person and help my community,' and that's really what it's all about.

"A child can't have those goals if his stomach is empty, or there is no school, or he doesn't have the supplies required to go to school. But when he has those basics, then he's on fire," said House.

Sponsoring a child costs $32 each month. The money helps not only the child but his or her family as well. CHI has work in China, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Colombia, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Guatemala.

Evangelism is the backdrop to their ministry, and though outright evangelism in certain countries can create friction, House says, "Jesus said, 'Go and tell.' But He also said, 'Love one another.' We try to share this message by loving all of these children and their families and by showing that love through physical and financial support." Sponsors are also able to share the Gospel with some children through their letters and offering their prayers. 

On top of child sponsorship, House says, "We work diligently to support those kids through humanitarian aid and different projects. Education is my favorite one for these kids who are going to grow up in the orphanage."   

Interested in becoming a child sponsor with Children's Hope International? Go here.

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  • I am a lady (54 years of age) in the old Apostolic Church of Mbabane, Swaziland-Southern Africa. I am writing this letter to place an appeal for charity from the corporate social responsibility fund of your organization to assist my sister’s orphaned four children who also attend to the same church.

    I provide food, shelter and other basic amenities to these children who have lost their parents due to HIV/AIDS. Both parents passed away in 2005 and they were left under my care. I am the only next of kin surviving and with my low salary I am finding it difficult to make ends meet. I would request you to kindly grant them some funds from your behemoth organization so that they can successfully carry out their studies. We also need proper shelter.

    Hope that you will consider my appeal letter for charity and allocate us maximum funds possible from your church’s coffers.
    I eagerly wait for a positive response from your side on this matter. I would like to thank you for considering my application. You can call me on 00268 76269748 or email to the above for any further clarifications.

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