Children’s ministry gives sacrificially in Haiti

By March 13, 2009

Haiti (MNN) — Haiti's situation
continues to deteriorate. Even before it got hit with food price spikes
and multiple hurricanes, more than half of its rural population was living on
less than US$1 a day.

When the storms hit and the price
of food skyrocketed, the already-vulnerable people had nowhere to go. In some areas, multi-million dollar projects
helped jump-start agricultural production, but for the vast majority of the
isolated areas, people began to starve almost immediately.

Since then, a partner of Bethany Christian
, God's Littlest Angels, reports an increase in abandoned
children this month as starvation takes hold. This month alone, they've had two children
left at their gates. 

Although the team is acting as
the hands and feet of Christ in this region, increased costs have pushed their
budget to a critical point. 

Even so, the team is reaching out
to help the children in one hurricane ravaged area nearby next week with food

The community of Baie d'Orange was hit hard
by last year's hurricanes. The Crèche Association in Haiti has been asked by
the community leaders to assist the many families in need. God's Littlest
Angels is part of the Crèche Association and is trying to collect seeds to
give to the families so that they can raise vegetables to help nourish and
support their families.

One of GLA's board members will be traveling
to Haiti on March 18 and is willing to bring as many seeds as she can fit in
her suitcases. Any that do not fit will be sent at a later date. GLA staff is
planning on making another trip to the community of Baie d'Orange on March 20
and will be handing out the seeds at that time.

They are looking for seeds for growing in zone
11 – cabbage, lettuce, carrots, leeks, green beans, sweet peppers, onions,
spinach, and any kind of melons. (deadline March 15). 

If you can help by donating seeds
or other assistance, click here.


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