Children’s popular character makes appearance at book fair

By February 19, 2010

Egypt (MNN) — At a recent book fair in Cairo, Egypt, kids got the chance to meet one of their favorite characters from SAT-7 KIDS, a Christian satellite television ministry to the Middle East and North Africa.

Essam, or "Mr. Know," is a popular character on "Why is That?" — a show which invites viewers to send in their questions and receive answers from Mr. Know.

Earlier this month, SAT-7 had a booth at an international book fair, and Mr. Know showed up to say "hi" and sign autographs.

The turnout was incredible, as thousands of young viewers stood in line to meet him.

The man who plays Mr. Know said, "There were so many children! They were bringing their parents, too. It shows that they are watching!"

And when kids are watching, it means they are being exposed to the message of Christ and the hope of eternal life.

Several viewers communicated to SAT-7 how much this program and others on SAT-7 KIDS have helped them or their families.

"You strengthen my faith when I watch your programs, which tells us the wonders of Jesus Christ. You make me feel that I am closer to God," said a girl from the Palestinian area.

Another viewer from Syria said, "God bless all those who work on SAT-7 KIDS. Our child loves your program."

If you would like to become a part of the work SAT-7 is doing, you can visit their Web site:

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