Children’s satellite television ministry moving forward.

By October 8, 2007

Middle East
(MNN) — SAT-7 continues to move toward the launch of a 24-hour-a-day
children's channel this month.  

The channel will feature science discovery, Bible readings, prayer requests, as well as other programs from several countries in the region. 

The team is building on a decade of experience in producing and broadcasting quality Christian children's programming.

Warehouse studio
space became available next to the Lebanon offices, and it was transformed into a workable
television studio from which to finish production for the children's channel

The vision for
the children's channel is to see it cover the entire Arab world–22 countries
and 5 time zones–and it would include programs from many different countries
across that region.

Please pray for
Christian children and youth of the Middle East. Many of them have to memorize Koranic texts
as part of their schoolwork. Pray that
SAT-7 will help lead them to a firm faith and better understanding of Christian

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