China shuts down Christian-linked businesses

By October 16, 2007

China (MNN) — Christians throughout China fear more restrictions on their freedom to worship in the year ahead of the Olympic Games in Beijing.

China Aid Association says already, China has taken steps to expel more than 100 foreign missionaries.

The "crackdown" has now started to target others. Two businesses were shut down by Chinese officials for
alleged involvement in Christian activity, and an American Christian businessman 
had his visa revoked.

Authorities in the Xinjiang region of western China
revoked the licenses of two businesses under accusations of converting Muslims,
distributing religious material, and conducting "infiltration activities,"
stated the U.S.-based China Aid Association.

The group didn't identify the American citizen or say whether
the individual had been deported. The citizen's visa was revoked by China
for "illegal proselytizing," or trying to convert someone to the Christian faith.

This follows actions taken this summer to remove over 100
foreign missionaries from China
before the Beijing Olympics. The actions are part of a campaign to remove all
potential proselytizing before the Games. China bans all open proselytizing
and worship outside of the Communist-approved church.

Christian missionary organizations around the world say that
they aren't letting these actions stop them. Despite China's
ban on foreign missionaries, the groups plan to send thousands of volunteer
evangelists to Beijing
next year. The Beijing Games offer an opportunity to bring Gospel
truth to the communist nation.



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