China’s celebrations recall a different era

By October 2, 2009

China (MNN) — The People's Republic of China celebrated its
60th anniversary this week.

On October 1, China showcased its military capabilities as
well as its economic and social progress.

There are mixed emotions about the celebration. For some, the anniversary is a grim reminder
of the oppression of the regime. For
others, it's a salute to freedom.

Erik Burklin with China Partner (CP) says believers are also
celebrating their freedom in Christ. "As a direct result in their life-changing perspective and also the
changes in their lifestyle, other friends of theirs notice and then ask the
question, 'What's so different about you?' And then they share Christ." 

While it is true that in many places, the government hounds
the church, the growth of the church indicates that pastors are needed. "We're taking a small teaching team with
us to Jiangxi Province," says Burklin. "We will be in
two locations–the local Bible school, and then the latter part of our trip we
will be training Christian leaders at a Bible training center." 

Under the auspices of the China Christian Council, CP holds
Pastoral Training Seminars (PTS) in theological schools now open in China.
Recruiting trainers from around the world, CP facilitates at least four PTS

Besides training in basic Bible doctrine, the core
curriculum places importance on the Bible in their daily lives. Sermon
preparation emphasizes evangelism. Above all, the development of a personal
relationship with the Lord is stressed. 

With the help of several international pastors and
para-church leaders, CP has developed the following four training courses:
Evangelism, Pastoral Care, Discipleship and Christian Leadership. 

Keep praying for body of Christ in China. There are many
challenges.  "We need to pray that
they would stay true. Pray also for the registered church pastors, that they would
stay humble, that they would stay Biblical, and stay true to God's Word."

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