China’s economic downturn is good news for the Great Commission

By November 29, 2023

China (MNN) — New data shows the extent of China’s economic downturn as senior officials delay another meeting in Shanghai. Leaders were supposed to discuss priorities and reform on Monday.

China Partner’s Erik Burklin says, “Economically, [China is] struggling. We heard that from many leaders. The government is inviting foreigners to come back and reinvest again in their country.”

This reinvestment invitation is a positive development for Great Commission endeavors.

“For four years, we were not allowed to have in-person sessions. Now we can again, so we’re going to take advantage of the fact that they’re allowing us to come,” Burklin says.

“Many pastors said, ‘Please come back. We would love to have you at our Bible school again or train our students in a seminary setting.’ We’re working towards that for 2024 and 2025.”

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(Photo courtesy of China Partner)

Training shifted online during severe lockdowns in China, but now, “Everybody is back on campus, and it’s starting up again very normally,” Burklin says.

“About 1,200 seminary and Bible school students graduated in 2023.”

Praise God for these positive developments. Pray that the Body of Christ in China will remain faithful and centered on Scripture.

“When we hear any negative news out of China, just trust the Lord despite that (bad news) because that’s what the Christians are doing over there,” Burklin says.

“They have to live within this system. Yet, they want to serve Christ, and they want to share Christ with their people, and they are doing it.”




Header and story images courtesy of China Partner.

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