Chinese believers enjoy a degree of freedom in China.

By April 14, 2005

China (MNN)–International human rights groups are turning attention toward the religious repression of Christians and it’s being documented throughout the nation.

It seems China has stepped up a campaign of religious persecution against its minority Uighur population in the western region of Xinjiang. This people group is mainly Muslim.

They join the ranks of the many other groups the government is accused of rigidly suppressing for fear of loss of state control.

However, China Partner Ministries’ Erik Burklin says the picture is incomplete. Their teams have found quite a different story in Hangzhou (hung-joh), on China’s east coast.

In fact, Burklin says there is one group that is not only growing, but also has built a facility with the government’s permission. “This particular church is going to be the largest church facility in China when it’s completed. Their dedication service for this particular new church building will be in May–May 10th.”

Church leaders asked that Burklin, representing a supporting ministry, join them in the celebration. “I am going to represent China Partner at this opening dedication service.” Given the history of CPM in the region, it’s an amazing full circle growth.

What’s more, Burklin says it’s a trend that China Partner has been observing over the last few years. “The government is giving permission for these churches being built. In many cases, governments are actually giving free land to local churches.”

Energized? You bet. Burklin explains, “We’re just very excited to see what God is doing in a country that is still run by Communism and yet seems to be showing increased open doors.”

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