Chinese Christians follow God’s calling to teach the Word

By August 8, 2023

China (MNN) – In China, stories regularly surface of unregistered house churches raided and leaders arrested. Meanwhile, churches that want to operate within the law need permissions from the government and face constant scrutiny. Religious freedom continues to be restricted in China despite the efforts of international diplomats and human rights advocates.

Bibles For China supports registered churches to faithfully share the Word of God. The ministry partners with local Christians to distribute Bibles where most needed and promote the teaching of Scripture.

Kurt Rovenstine says, “At Bibles for China, one of the things that we feel like is our opportunity, our mandate is to be Bible advocates against all kinds of attacks on the Word of God.”

Whether in a house church or one of China’s registered churches, Chinese Christians face a variety of challenges. Current concerns include alterations to the biblical text and state surveillance cameras installed in church buildings. Read more here.

“They’re both trying to do their very best to be ministers of the Gospel, true to the Word of God, in the context that God has called them to work in,” says Rovenstine. “And, you know, we celebrate that. We support that.”

Rovenstine invites believers to pray that God would give the Church of China wisdom and unity while continuing to follow their calling.

“That just God would move in China in a fantastic way and that there would be unity amongst the Body of Christ,” says Rovenstine. “And that we not get caught up in the things that divide us but celebrate the things that unite us, especially in China.”

On a recent visit to China, Rovenstine witnessed one of Bible For China’s distributors mentor a younger leader. They discussed a current difficult situation and began to make plans together for future ministry opportunities.

“That’s what the call is all about,” says Rovenstine. “It’s not running from where you are. It’s saying, ‘God, you’ve placed me in this moment. And I’m going to do my very best. And I’m going to dream for the future. And I’m going to plan to let you do incredible things in and through my ministry right where I am.’”

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Photos courtesy of Bibles For China on Facebook.