Chinese Christians persecuted for talking

By February 22, 2016

China (MNN) — It turns out, China doesn’t just fight with the United States about missiles or Australia about the sea. No, it fights with it’s own people about what to believe.

Photo Courtesy Alpha Relief via Facebook

(Photo courtesy Alpha Relief via Facebook)

Recently an undercover pastor with Alpha Relief, the humanitarian wing of Global Advance, visited a small rural tribe to share the Gospel and offer discipleship. But what began with good intentions ended with a response from the local authorities.

Under the cover of night, police officers and other governmental officials filed through the village, where the Christians were meeting. Their goal: to punish.

These officers and officials raided the meetings taking place about Jesus, bringing with them threats to any newcomers and believers alike. As for the Christians, there was the promise of severe punishment if the any of them were ever caught talking to an undercover missionary again.

This raid is the beginning of another spiritual warfare for our Chinese brothers and sisters. But this time, it’s plaguing new believers. And to great sadness, some of those who had accepted Christ before the raid quickly renounced their new faith shortly after.

Photo Courtesy Alpha Relief via Facebook

(Photo courtesy Alpha Relief via Facebook

Yet, not all of them did so. For the ones who have chosen to remain true to their Lord and Savior, it’s up to others like you to pray for their strength. Pray for their perseverance and steadfastness in Christ. And pray that the message of the Gospel would continue to multiply.

And as the world watches while Christians are beheaded by ISIS, threatened in China, and suffer from apathy in the West, it’s important to remember there is one true King– only one true Ruler who has the power to defeat all evils plaguing Christians. It’s Jesus Christ.

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