Chinese Christians pursue training in the Bible

By January 1, 2024

China (MNN) – Christians in China navigate many challenges, but they have one less concern than before. Kurt Rovenstine of Bibles For China says rural Christians now have greater access to God’s Word.

Bibles For China has helped to distribute free Bibles in rural China since 2011. On a trip to visit local partners, they learned about the progress made so far and the current needs of churches.

“One of the things we began to hear was in certain places the need for large scale Bible distribution is diminishing,” says Rovenstine.

However, other needs are coming to light, specifically the shortage of Biblically-trained leaders.

Rovenstine says, “There was a request made that said, ‘You know, we’ve got all of these people with Bibles.

“‘But we don’t have people with Bibles that know how to read them, and interpret them, and apply them correctly.'”

Local church partners asked Bibles For China to sponsor students of a Bible training center for lay leaders. Christians young in faith attend a two-year program where they learn more and continue to grow. However, while the training center provides a place for them to stay, students still have to pay for their meals and transportation for each term. After prayerful consideration, the ministry agreed to support about 60 students.

“We just really feel like that’s where God is leading us,” says Rovenstine.

“And it will add depth to the church and value to the Bibles.”

Rovenstine asks listeners to pray for the leaders in training. Christians in China persevere despite constant government scrutiny and legal limitations. May the students develop in spiritual maturity and fill the leadership gaps of the Church.

Learn more about the training center and how to sponsor a student here.

Rovenstine says, “It’s Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, and the Babylon courts, you know, in time of exile. It’s just where they live, and they’re doing the best they can within that context.”


Photo courtesy of Bibles For China.

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