Chinese Christians want more training in the Word

By August 23, 2023

China (MNN) – Visitors are slowly returning to China after the pandemic. One of them has been Kurt Rovenstine with the ministry Bibles For China. With travel restrictions finally lifted, Rovenstine was excited to see again local partners in China and spend time together.

“We basically were on a listening tour,” says Rovenstine. “How has the last three years been? What are your ministry needs? What can we do for you? How can we help you?”

They found out that many believers in rural China have Bibles, but now the challenge is understanding and learning from Scripture.

“How do we help those people who have a Bible correctly read and interpret it and understand context?” says Rovenstine.

Local partners said one solution is training more teachers of the Word. Christian leaders in rural provinces often lack opportunities for biblical education. Meanwhile, those in the cities have options to grow in their understanding and knowledge of Scripture. A city pastor may have several years of studies while rural leaders have little to no training.

Rovenstine says, “We’ve always believed that the Bible is enough. But we also know that the Bible tells us that there’s great value in teachers and leaders and those who explain the truth that’s been given to them through the Scriptures.”

Bibles For China is exploring ways the ministry can come alongside leaders in rural China with encouragement, support, and biblical resources. Since the ministry already has the means to distribute printed Bibles, one natural next step would be to begin distributing study Bibles and other materials for teaching Scripture. Whichever methods are used, Bibles For China wants to continue encouraging and supporting those leaders who are working to disciple Chinese believers.

Rovenstine had the privilege to meet many on his trip and asks for prayer for them.

He says, “They’re doing the work, and they’re hanging in there, and God’s blessing them and reminds us that we serve a faithful God. And that should be very comforting and challenging to us as believers.”

Pray for God to continue to show His faithfulness to those serving Him in China. May He give them strength and tenacity to grow His Church.


Photos courtesy of Bibles For China.

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