Chinese pastors get a great gift

By November 9, 2012

China (MNN) — Chinese pastors in rural China received a once-in-a-lifetime gift: a pastor's study Bible from Voice of China and Asia. VOCA raised enough money to purchase 800.

President of VOCA Jonathan Brooks says, "They have maps, a concordance, notes, and cross-references. These are things these pastors have never seen before."

VOCA not only gave the study Bibles to these pastors, but they taught them "how to put the material together, and then how to put what they're studying that's produced into a sermon. We took them through all three steps, and it was just a phenomenal experience."

Since most of these pastors serve about 150 people, it will have a huge impact. "When you multiply that by the hundreds that we've done, you come up with over 100,000 people that can be impacted just by training the pastors," says Brooks.

Bibles are also needed for church members. VOCA has a goal of distributing 200,000 Bibles into rural China in 2013. You can help with a specific need for the month of May. "We'd love to see 48,000 passed out in one month."

$100 purchases 20 Bibles. When you put a Bible into a rural believer's hands, Brook says, "We've been told it becomes the main Bible for about five believers. And out of those five believers, at least two people will be led to Jesus Christ."

If you'd like to help rural China while the doors are still open, click here.

VOCA is also making available a free book about their ministry. It's called "Bond Servants: and is available free to you upon request. Click here to claim your copy.

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