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Chinese youth learn more than English at summer camp

By August 17, 2012

China (MNN) — A high demand
for English education is opening doors for the Gospel in China. With China
, Erik Burklin and his team recently spent two weeks teaching
English to Chinese youth at the Hua Mei Summer English camp. Relationships
formed at this camp opened the door for team members to share the Gospel.

"Young people have asked
spiritual questions all the way to the point where several of them have
actually accepted Christ as their personal Savior," shares Burklin. He
adds that the camps are an excellent way for churches to add younger members to
their congregation, a concern for the majority of Chinese pastors.  

"A lot of the registered
churches have mostly elderly women that attend their church services," Burklin says. "This is a tremendous tool to attract young people and then through
that attraction share the good news of Jesus Christ with them."

As China wields an increasing
amount of global economic power, fluency in English often ensures success for
Chinese businessmen. Many Chinese youth
feel that learning English will secure a fruitful future in China's workforce.  

"English is the number
one wanted or desired education by Chinese young people today," explains
Burklin. "Many parents even
encourage their children to attend English camps all over China."

English camps provide a
double-edged opportunity: not only can Chinese youth learn the English
language, they can also hear the Good News of Christ. China Partner seized the opportunity
to share the Gospel in this environment by teaming up with Reverend Cai,
the leader of a group called Hua Mei International. Through this key
partnership, two-week English camps are held each summer.  

Serving at these camps, American
or Canadian young people have the chance to mentor and build relationships with
youth in China. Through these relationships, believers are able to share
Christ. And the majority of team members sent to serve at these camps aren't
even "qualified" teachers.  

"The love of Christ
comes through very clearly," Burklin says. "95% are
not teachers; they don't have any teaching experience, and yet they do

So if the ministry isn't
looking for certified teachers, what type of people do they seek to join their

"People who have a love
for China, people who love Jesus Christ and want to make Him known in a very
creative way," are just some of the descriptions Burklin uses.  

Do either of these describe
your passions? Contact China Partner to find out about the next trip.

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