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Published on 28 August, 2014

The chocolate chip cookie, church planting, and France

chocolate chip cookie

DID YOU KNOW?: The chocolate chip cookie was created by accident.

France (MNN) — What happens when God interrupts your plans? Do you get upset, or do you view it as an opportunity? In the kitchen, good chefs view changes to their plan– occasionally caused by a shortage of ingredients or broken appliance–as an opportunity to create something new.

The chocolate chip cookie is a perfect example.

Legend has it the sweet treat was invented in 1930, when a U.S. inn-owner realized she had run out of baker’s chocolate. Guests were expecting her “infamous” cookies, so Ruth Wakefield threw in a chopped up bar of Nestlé’s semi-sweet chocolate.

Thus, the birth of one of America’s most iconic desserts: the chocolate chip cookie. French believer Helio De Almeida’s life took a similar course.

As a child, De Almeida was fascinated with French cuisine and pursued it into culinary school. But before he could finish his training, God interrupted De Almeida’s plans and called him into full-time ministry.

Read more of his story here.

Today, De Almeida and his wife are native missionaries supported by Advancing Native Missions. They’re “cooking up change” by planting churches and introducing their French neighbors to Christ.

Nearly 50 million French people have no true connection with a Christian church, according to Operation World. More than 300 cities with a population of over 10,000 people have no evangelical presence.

(Photo cred: ANM)

(Photo credit ANM)

Helio and Annie De Almeida are focusing their church-planting efforts in “la Boucle de la Seine,” a Paris suburb. It holds around 100,000 residents, but no Protestant church.

Will you pray for the De Almeida family as they explain the Bible and God’s message of hope to their community?

Pray for their financial provision. Pray also for a bigger meeting space for their growing church. Pray that more French communities find hope in Christ as the Gospel spreads.

See how God is using native missionaries to advance His Kingdom around the world.

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About France

  • Primary Language: French
  • Primary Religion: Christianity
  • Evangelical: 1.0%
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Call to action

  • Pray that more French communities will find hope in Christ as the Gospel spreads.
  • Pray for this ministry's financial provision.
  • Pray also for a bigger meeting space for their growing church.

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