Chokmas respond to the Gospel

By January 6, 2010

Asia (MNN) — Balbir Mark, a Gospel for Asia-supported pastor, has a heavy
burden for the Chakma people of northeastern India and Bangladesh. Bible college students and fellow pastors
have joined his efforts, and ministry to the Chakmas is bearing fruit. 

Chakmas are poor, oppressed, and completely illiterate. The government cannot help them because their
neighbors are prejudiced against them and deny them many privileges, including
employment. They struggle to provide for
their families, and they resort to scrounging for provisions in the forest and
digging pits next to the river to get drinking water.

addition, Chakma children have no schools where they can learn to read or
write. Various Christian ministries have
tried to help these communities, but none could handle the challenges.

Mark persevered. Chakma parents were
touched by the ministry of four Bible college students who taught Bible stories
and songs to the children. Eventually, over
30 children and 5 mothers were attending an open-air Sunday school. Worship services followed, and after a few
months, ten people made decisions to follow Christ. 

four more GFA-supported missionaries are ministering among this people group. Forty more people have responded to the Gospel,
and 200 additional people have expressed interest in learning more. God is clearly working among these people
who typically resist the Gospel and cling to their traditional religion.  Pray for salvation for the Chakmas and for
spiritual growth for the new believers. 

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